What You Need To Know Before Renovating An Old Home

#2-- ”Old” by basykes, on Flickr
Doing any kind of an old house renovation should be worked on within a few parameters. While it may seem like it’s a simple cut and dry process, generally there’s more to it than that. Below will be a few different ways to think through what can be done to renovate any home that’s old.

One issue to take into consideration is removing anything in the home that has been exposed to water. Water is not the worst of the worries, it’s mainly what can grow from the water. Mold, bacteria, and termites all thrive on water and that’s what could cause a project to fail before it gets started. It’s good to go through and check the studs in an old home just to see if they need to be replaced. Any place that leaks water needs to be patched up before moving on.

The plumbing pipes, along with paint in any renovation project needs to be looked at for lead. If any piping is even twenty or so years old, it could have lead welding holding everything together. It’s dangerous to have this around because it is toxic to be exposed to. Some people take care of this issue by filtering their water system. This may be cheaper than replacing the pipes, but the lead in the system could leach back in later, making it necessary to filter out that system again at a later time. Lead needs to be avoided if there are kids or anything that’s growing on the property that can be ingested.

Renovations can be done on a budget even if they’re large. Older materials can be pulled from buildings that people no longer want to be up, for instance. It’s always good to try and ask around for various people with different older styled buildings to see whether or not they’re able to spare anything from them. Being someone that goes around picking up old items for cheap can also become a fun hobby that will fill an old home up with things that are from the time period it was built.

Be prepared for a lot of garbage when doing any kind of renovation like this. From large scale window removal to replacing all of the rotted out wood in an old building, there will be quite a bit of cleanup to do.  Sometimes, it’s just best to hire someone to do an inspection and then, see what needs to be removed and replaced. If there is asbestos in the home, you will need to find the laws in your state regarding how to deal with this dangerous substance. In most cases, you will have to hire a removal team that specializes in this procedure.

Working on any kind of an old house renovation can be hard work. However, this work becomes more doable when certain pieces of advice like the ones above are followed. Start working towards a great old home with this advice!